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Teacher evaluations of the 2012 workshops
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Program Overview

Program Description: A math and science teacher training and mentorship program comprised of an all-volunteer team from USA that conducts workshops in central locations for educators from rural schools. Sponsored by the SA Dept. of Education.

Objective: To assist teachers with limited resources in rural SA schools meet and exceed the National Curriculum Standards in math and science ― particularly in the absence of equipment and laboratories ― by using readily available, recyclable, inexpensive materials to share methodology, techniques, and pedagogy in subject areas.

Where and When: Mpumalanga, RSA June 18 – July 17, 2012

Target Group(s): 200+ Teachers and administrators from districts in Mpumalanga Province. Areas and locations with the most rural schools include Ermelo, Nelspruit, and Bushbuck Ridge.

  • Number of traveling US teachers: 8 (3 more from RSA)
  • Number of RSA schools represented: 100+
  • Workshops estimated to have an impact on ~60,000 learners!

Workshop Details

Location of Workshop: Mpumalanga Province

Duration of Project: 4 weeks (includes 1 week of preparation/moving locations)

Structure and material covered: South African National Curriculum Guidelines; Math & Natural Science – Grades 7, 8, 9

Number of in-country teachers trained each year: 200+

Partnerships: South African Department of Education, First Car Rental

Ongoing Projects: TABSA Rural School Uniform Project; Rural Women’s Project, KZN, RSA.

Program Highlights

The TAB South Africa workshops are the longest-serving US volunteer teacher training program in South Africa. Since 2001, 60+ US teachers have served and shared with 3000+ South African math and science teachers from rural schools – for a total of 35 workshops. These teachers’ improved skills have had an impact on over one million SA students. Thousands of US students in turn benefit from their teachers’ professional development and life experiences with their South African colleagues. In partnership with the Cornell University Computer ReUse Club, TABSA has also donated 160 computers to 8 rural schools. Today these 8 labs serve 4000 students. In 2012, TABSA is providing new school uniforms to children in rural areas, and supporting local women in rural communities with cottage industries. See the TAB-SA.org website for Press Articles, Teacher Reflections, and program history.

For USA Sponsors

In Service and Professional Development Program TABSA June 18 – July 17, 2012

Per Person Budget Request: $5,100

Airfare: (International & SA Internal) Estimated at $2,700 RT per person
Per Diem: $2,400 ($80/day x 30 days) — (includes accommodation, meals, ground transport, laundry, Internet, entry fees, medical, recreation thanks to the generosity of our South African TABSA network)

Please donate to Teachers Across Borders South Africa. All donations are tax-deductible; TABSA receives the full amount of donations by check or money order.

Thank you for your consideration.

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