Annual Report - Yunus Peer


In our 14th year, Teachers Across Borders South Africa – TABSA,  is in the 3rd day of the first workshop with 120 Grade 9 maths and science teachers at Magudu Inn, about 15 km away from Pongola, the largest town in this district. Umkhanyakude  District has 568 schools and stretches more than 300 km across the KwaZulu-Natal province.

Our workshops are aligned with the National Curriculum Statements and the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement; and therefore are very specific to the attending teacher’s requirements. The attending teachers prioritized the topics they need help with, and the days have been long, enthusiastic, and interactive. Classes start at 830 am  and end at 615 in the evening. We end this first workshop week on Friday, July 4th in the afternoon.

Next week we are scheduled to work at two local schools in Mtubatuba and Jozini with 100 teachers at each location. We end our work in South Africa with 312 Grade 12 maths and science teachers in the third week. Our teaching/facilitating team; 4 from the US mainland, and 5 from Hawaii are excited to go to work every morning, and thoroughly exhausted by the evening. On July 21st, we will begin a week of workshops with 220 teachers in Swaziland.

TABSA also dedicated the 8th computer lab to a rural school this year, and topped the 250 mark in uniforms to rural school children.