June-July 2011: We are grateful for the efforts of Mr. Fuzile (Manager of the EC Leadership Institute – Mthatha), his staff, and especially our friends in the Kitchen who fed 400+ in the 3 weeks of the workshops. To our Subject Adviser colleagues, thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication to our profession. Together, we made the most of trying circumstances for the benefit of teachers and learners.
South Coast Herald : News Article: "Crossing the Great Divide"
First Car Rental Newsletter: TABSA Sponsors
Annual Report - Yunus Peer








2011 Highlights:

  • 320 Eastern Cape math and science educators attended 3-week TABSA workshops (June 27 – July 15), impacting 60,000 students in rural schools.
  • In the 2nd Week – 480 Grade 9 Winter School students attended Math classes with TABSA at 3 rural schools in the Lusikisiki District, Eastern Cape Province.
  • All 23 Districts of the Eastern Cape Province were represented at the TABSA workshops by the Subjects Advisers and 4 lead math and science classroom teachers. In the final week, TABSA teamed with the local subject advisers to facilitate the workshops.
  • Together with printed handouts for workshop participants, TABSA compiled relevant Math and Science materialsin an offline CD. Produced and distributed 900 TABSA CDs in the Eastern Cape and published link to free CD in local newspapers.
  • EC Department of Education used TABSA workshop material to create math and science resource and instructional manuals for Senior Phase (Grade 6-9) – Distributed to 5000+ provincial schools.
  • Passed the 3000+ mark in local SA teacher workshop attendance, and 11USA teams have traveled to work with their SA colleagues since the June-July Winter Holiday Project began in 2001.
  • TABSA donated an LCD projector and 10 computers for a computer lab to Ziphakamise, an organization that works with rural communities. This is our 8th computer lab provided for rural populations in South Africa. Website:Ziphakamise
  • TABSA provided school supplies to Nyandezulu School, Siyapambili HS, and Mdlangaswa School in KZN Province
  • Initiated and completeda $2500 donation to the Women’s Rural Project (St. Faith’s – KZN) for one year of operation of a Recycling Project. The funds were raised by the Mid-Pacific Institute(Hawaii) Recycling Club, and the project is to be administered by Rotary International 9720 RSA
  • Led by Biologist Angela Costanzo, the TABSA team rescued an injured and wandering penguin off the coast of Coffee Bay, Eastern Cape, July 10, 2011
  • Director Peer met with the Mr. Enver Surty, National Deputy Minister of Education in Pretoria (29 July 2011) regarding TABSA’s work in South Africa.

TAB-SA, supported by local communities, schools, and friends in both countries, appreciates the continuing cooperation and generosity of:

  • South African Department of Education
  • Rotary International – Sunset Club (Hawaii – District 5000)
  • The Julia-Sheridan Ing Family (Hawaii)
  • First Car Rental (RSA)
  • Holy Nativity Church (Hawaii)
  • The Cassim Peer Trust – Port Shepstone, South Africa
  • …and the many friends of TABSA who make this project happen!

TABSA 2011 Science

  • Edward DaSilva (Maryknoll High School)
  • Angela Costanzo (HPU)
  • Paul Heimerdinger (Iolani School)
  • Michelle Buck (Kamehameha School)

TABSA 2011 Mathematics

  • Laurie Schafer (Kea’au High School)
  • Jim Metz (UH)
  • Frank Lau (Hawaii Baptist Academy)
  • Asst. Administrator: Thokozani Mtshane (Siyapambili High School – RSA)


Please consider supporting Teachers Across Borders – South Africa! We are a grassroots, all-volunteer organization with a 11-year established network. The structural and logistical commitment of our South African partners, and the enormous impact on rural school education, makes this an excellent project for effective sponsorship. The aid is efficient, specific, targeted, and relevant.

Mahalo (Thank You!),

Yunus Peer – Project Founder & Director 2001-present
Punahou School – Honolulu, Hawaii, Academy Faculty.